Hey,  we founded the society Local Artists ry 2010 in Sipoo, Finland. The most of us have been painting under artpainter Carin Bengts´ in Sipoo adult education centre. We have members of both amateur and professional basis.

The name of the society comes from the island Telendos in Greek. After finishing the course we held an art exhibition in the local taverna. To  our suprise our host had duplicated a poster and fastened it on many places eg. on the ship passing to the continent: ”Tonight local artists!”. The exhibitions was a succes and the local television made a broadcast of it.

During the years some painters from eg. Helsinki and Porvoo have joined us. Our goal is to encourage each other in painting and to educate our members througt various classes in painting. Along with the said we get also extra bonus througt the nice time together.